The storage room becomes a guest room and office with clever space solutions

We have one spare room in our house. It’s kind of like the junk door in the kitchen. It’s the space where everything that doesn’t have a proper home goes to die.

Spare room implies we have it to spare, which is pure foolishness. This family of five hosts loads of overnight guests and houses a work from home parent.  Space is at a premium, and since we don’t have an entire room to spare, it will have to serve multiple purposes.

This is our guest room. A quiet room for kids who need some alone time. Our home office and storage area. A lot is going on in 120 square feet.

It started grey and held a queen sized bed for a few years. It has taken some serious time to for this room to move up the honey-do list.


We decided to utilize every inch of space and install an eight-foot counter (second-hand from a friend that upgraded) and install a Murphy bed (wall bed) for guests.


We traded our queen mattress for a brand new double mattress. Purchased the hardware and plans for at (sorry I can’t link to the site. The link didn’t work. You’ll have to copy and paste the website into your browser.)

The hardware and material were less than $500 total. If you are handy enough to build the bed yourself, it’s quite the deal.

We painted the walls a neutral beige to match the carpet (leftover from a previous space) and the counter top.



Now, when the bed is folded up, there is plenty of floor space for kids who need some alone time. When the bed is down we have space for out-of-town guests, and we have a large surface to accomplish our work. But the face of the wall bed was UGLY.


So in swoops my handy husband to give it a face lift. A few pieces of trim later and the wall bed is much more pleasing. Yay!


Finally, a multi-purpose space that, due to some changes in our lives, will now serve a single purpose. It will house my niece when she moves in with us to finish her last year of college.


A pull down bed and built-in desk. What more does a student need?

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