Always a student

My niece just moved in with our family. Here she is unpacking her life.


She had dedicated the next year to her studies. She is spending the next year learning. Learning her craft. Preparing for the future.

When was the last time that I spent a huge block of time solely dedicated to learning? Learning what’s important? Preparing myself for eternity?

What am I learning?

Right here, right now God is teaching me about grace. I am learning about forgiveness. I am learning that things are not always black and white.

I’m learning I don’t need all the answers, I just need to trust God has them and that He’s got my back. That leads to my next lesson. I’m learning about trust.

I’m learning that motherhood is both the most important and hardest role I’ll ever have.  And that leads me back to grace.

Did I mention I am learning more about grace?

I’m learning I’m wrong far more than I like to admit. I’m learning that attitude counts for a lot. I’m learning more about the hugeness of my sin and the constant battle between my own sinful nature and the Holy Spirit.

I’m learning I have a lot to learn.

Just when I think I have a handle on it all, God peels back another layer and I see my smallness in contrast to His greatness with fresh eyes again.

I’m learning that I have barely scratched the surface of who God is and what His plan is for my life.

I’m learning even more about grace.

What are you learning?

2 thoughts on “Always a student

  1. Brittney Everett says:

    Have you read the book Victim of Grace, by Robin Jones Gunn? or she also wrote this book on mothering called Gentle Passages, and Mothering By Heart. She’s my favourite author but I think you would like her!


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