Slumber Party Solutions

When Kaitlyn turned 9 she celebrated with a sleepover party. I searched Pinterest and Google Images looking for party ideas that would help me hold onto some sense of sanity while nine giggling girls descended upon our home. This blog post is a collection of the games and ideas that helped make the party a success (in the eyes of both Mother and Daughter).

Kate created her own goodie bags:


She decorated plain bags found at the dollar store, making sure each guest could easily see their name on the bag front. Then we decided what each party girl needed for a successful sleepover.


A flashlight, chap stick, tooth-brush, sleep mask, and the morning’s breakfast – cereal, juice, bowl and spoon.

Kate placed everything but the cereal into each bag. As her guests arrived they found their bag on the table and added their choice of cereal from the selection available.


Next, each girl signed our party rules:


Sleepover party rules

The party stays downstairs (unless a parent calls the group upstairs).

Party guests use only kind words.

11:30 QUIET

Your cereal and juice are for breakfast .

Save the flashlight for a game later tonight. If you choose to use yours beforehand, batteries will NOT be replaced.

No phone calls after bed, no unsupervised kitchen use, no computer use. Disobeying these rules might result in being sent home.

After signing the party pledge they chose a pillowcase and descended into the basement to decorate their pillowcase with provided fabric markers.


We played an assortment of games:

  • Spin the nail polish: Sit in a circle and the birthday girl spins a bottle of nail polish. Whoever the top is pointing at must paint one fingernail (or toenail) that color, and then spin a different colored bottle. Keep playing until all fingers or toes are painted.
  • Who’s in Whose Sleeping Bag?: One player (guesser) leaves the room. The rest of the girls lay out all the sleeping bags. Each girl hides inside a different sleeping bag, (not their own!). The guesser returns and pokes a bag and asks one question of the hider. The hider tries to disguise their voice while answering. The guesser tries to guess who is inside the sleeping bag. The guesser has three turns. The first person poked is the new guesser for the next round.
  • Hunt at Dusk: As soon as the sun set the girls hunted through the backyard by flashlight looking for 40 small chocolate bars hidden. Once all 40 were found they came inside to eat the treats.


Somewhere in the middle of all the fun we needed to sing happy birthday and eat some cake. But instead of cake, we served a donut tower. Easy for the party guests to pull apart and take downstairs and enjoy.


The night was topped off with popcorn and a movie.

A success!!!

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