30 Chapters In

It has been a wonderful blessing to be in Elgin at the Harvest Training Center. We’ve met other families like ours. Families stretched beyond comfort. Rattled by God’s invitation to move stubborn feet from a false feeling of control and into the safest place ever – the center of His will.

Here, different voices tell the same story. I suspect our stories are probably much like your stories. Different locations. Different details. Similar themes.

I love how one fellow student shared:

We thought God was writing our story. Then, when we showed up, we learned God was already 30 chapters in writing a story that was never really about us.

What a thought. We are not the main character in our own life story. We are not the hero. In some ways, we are hardly a footnote at the bottom of the page that is our life.

But somehow we fall into this self-centred pattern of thinking that believes life is all about ME. Somehow I buy into the foolish notion that when I finally surrender my life to God, He begins penning chapter one. Chapter one of a new book in the series of my life.

Consider that maybe it is not chapter one of a new book, but a new chapter in an old book. A very old book that God began writing long before I breathed my first breath.

How God must shake his head and chuckle at my puffed up self-importance. That anything can start and end with me. This is God’s story and He is WAY MORE than 30 chapters in. This story started before there was time. This story has no beginning and no end.

Somewhere along the line God wove a thread of humanity into His story.  Way back when God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, entwined in an intimate dance I struggle to understand, breathed life into this place I call home. For reasons I’ll never understand, the Triune God wrote me in. And if you are alive—you’re in the book too. You have a role—and it matters—but it’s not about you.

It’s humbling to acknowledge my own insignificance. Yet it’s liberating to know life is not about me. Ministry is not about me. Nor is either dependant upon me. This story centres on Jesus. And trust me, you want Him, not me, penning the ending.

My small part in a larger, much larger story, is designed to bring glory to God our Father, the creator of Heaven and Earth.

So is yours.

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