These are a few of my favorite things

As we prepare to move to Brantford, Ontario via Chicago, Illinois (crazy eh?), I can’t help but look fondly upon some of my most favorite projects from around the house.

It turns out the things I like the best were not the most expensive, but the most creative. Here they are, in no particular order:

100_2274I love how our bedroom turned out! It was one of the last things to decorate and I really enjoyed the project. It is a blend of Kijiji finds, hotel sales, sewing projects, and Winners. The best part is the extreme close up pictures of the kids above the headboard.

100_2273I’ve recently fallen in love with this deep shade of purple in the shower curtain. I love any chance to work it into our home decor.

100_2272The alphabet letters resting on the trim were inspired by one of my favorite designers, Sarah Richardson. I love how the trim breaks up the change in wall color, and that the upper color continues over the ceiling.

100_2271I just love this painting. It was a clearance Winners find that thrilled me.

100_2270What more can I say about the fireplace? I think I have posted enough about fireplaces that you all know I love them. The old windows hanging above were found on Kijiji for a steal of a deal.

100_2269I love storage, and built-in storage that makes use of every space thrills me. Under the basement stairs is wasted space in many homes – but not ours!

100_2268The basement bathroom was one space we hired out. The work was a bit above our ability. We were thrilled with end result. Well worth the investment.

100_2267The downstairs family room is another favorite space in the house. A perfect place to curl up with a book, watch a family movie, or play with the kids.

100_2266The kitchen cabinet was such a simple project, but I love it -and Kevin for building it.

It will be sad to leave a home that we poured so much of our hearts into, but the upside is – I get to start over on another place!

2 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things

    • staceyweeks says:

      I have to admit, I kind of pumped about soon having another house to decorate! Kevin is not as excited as I am, which is understandable since most of my plans spill over onto him and require some help!


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