The kitchen: Mission Control for the family.

Activity schedules, school schedules, and grocery lists galore make it necessary for every family to have some sort of organizational system. Huge family wall calendars, synced online calendars, cork boards and chalk boards are great additions to the common space everyone in the family frequents: the kitchen, hereby known as Mission Control.

If you kitchen as space for a message centre, here is a great one to try. My sister made this cost-effective chalk board that lessens the paper trail from grocery lists and notes.

1. Start by purchasing a frame (any size) and painting it a beautiful accent color. If you have the wall space, a huge frame would look fantastic.


2. Measure the size of the frame and tape off the same sized area on the wall where you will hang the frame.


3. Paint inside the rectangle with chalkboard paint. Magnetic chalkboard paint might be a nice option.


4. Paint the wall color (if you are changing it), and screw the frame around the chalkboard paint.


As my kids would say, easy peasy, lemon-squeezy.

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