Bold Colour

Today’s makeover comes from my lovely sister-in-law, Michelle. Michelle has a great eye for colour and is very creative. She has blessed us over the years with beautiful handmade gifts and cards that could easily be boxed and sold in stores. She says (regarding paint colour choices): Life is too short to live without a little risk – be confident – be bold.  After all it’s only paint.

Every spring her husband (my brother), Pete, pressure washes the vinyl siding to remove last year’s dirt and keep the exterior of their house clean.  Every three years they touch up the paint on the front and side door because the sun fades it so much. This year they also needed to freshen up the shutters because they had faded terribly in the last 6 years. Here is the house before the changes.

before 2

before 1

After ripping apart the front garden (removing the azalea bushes and flowers that were just becoming unruly) and planting a few herbs and a maple tree, she wanted to brighten up the front of the house. Bored with the same colour since purchasing the house 7 summers ago, Michelle decided on a richer red for the shutters (apple barrel instead of farmhouse red).  She also wanted to accent the front door. She decided on green and despite her husband’s concern about the colour choice, she moved ahead because the best thing about paint is that it’s really inexpensive and if she didn’t like the final colour she could always repaint.
after 1
after 2
Michelle’s tip: Always pick up lots of paint chips in similar shades.  What you believe is the right colour might be a few shades off.

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