Living Proof

If anyone has a reason to celebrate, it’s believers. That’s why it grieves my heart to witness straight-faced, horizontal, hands-stuffed-into-our-pockets worship.

Actually, I can’t call that worship. Because, although worship can look many different ways, it is never flat, horizontal or removed. True worship requires an entering in. This kind of fully engaged action requires preparing your heart, not just showing up.

The Lord Jesus told the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well, “Those who worship God must worship in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24). That is, with their inner being, the totality of themselves, their spirit, not just their lips or their bodies going through the motions -Dr Joe McKeever.

Worship does not depend on the quality of the musicians on stage. Worship does not hinge on the pastor bringing his A-game to the pulpit. My ability to worship God depends on one thing – transformation.

When God has transformed me with His love and redeemed me through His Son, He has taken the old me away and created me new. This change, this transformation, is the only thing that produces the kind of worship that pleases God.

Worship that is not about me, but is all about Him.

This new video from Mercy Me will put a smile on your face with its fun, light-hearted encouragement to take your hands out of your pockets and sing like you’ve been changed.

True adoration and worship of God creates a response.


Undeniable joy.

Joy bubbling out from a changed life is living proof of God’s ability to make all things new. Do not be ashamed to worship like you’ve been changed.

Harvest Bible Chapel Brantford is a church that seeks the vertical, full expression of God’s glory. Our aim is to experience a life-altering encounter with the Living God. The gratitude in our hearts is authentic. The grace we experience is real. This is Harvest.


4 thoughts on “Living Proof

  1. says:

    Absolutely! So well written and so straight from the heart. I may pass this on to Jeff. Thanks for sharing your heart.
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  2. Carol says:

    You are just bubbling over with joy as you and Kevin share in direction God has planned for you and your family….God’s abundant blessing. Enjoyed hearing Kevin’s video clip and note Senior Pastor of Branford’s Harvest Chapel…..Staying the coarse is the best……missg


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