The stockings were hung by the mantel with care…

Last Christmas I opened Style at Home magazine and I saw beautiful stocking holders spelling the word peace. I loved them! However, once I priced them out I discovered something my husband has already known for years. I have very expensive taste.

I couldn’t shake the idea that these stocking holders would look perfect on our mantel so I set out to make my own.

I purchased wooden letters from the dollar store at $1 a piece. Using one of my favorite products (No More Nails) I glued the letters upright onto a strip of MDF.

I always have a tin of black paint and a tin of white paint in the house, so I painted the letters black with the intention of keeping them this way. Unfortunately, when I set them up on the mantel they got lost in the greenery so I dry brushed white over the black.

I used small mug hooks (from the dollar store) and twisted them into the front of the MDF base. Volia! Stocking holders for a family of five.

They might not be as fancy as the silver ones from the magazine, but they came in at a price I can afford:$6.00. I already had No More Nails on the shelf leftover from other projects, leftover paint, and a leftover strip of MDF. For this penny-pinching mom that counts for a lot!

When I pulled them out this year I had to re-glue a few letters that had tipped back and snapped off in storage. But that’s a small price to pay for stocking holders. If you can think of other holiday words to suggest to families of different sizes, post them in the comments! I have seen JOY used as stocking holders. Any others?

2 thoughts on “The stockings were hung by the mantel with care…

  1. says:

    Love it! I, too, have expensive taste but I am so not crafty and usually fail at my project attempts and they end up being thrown out. I may just give this one a try! Thanks for the great idea.
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    • staceyweeks says:

      Ellie, it really is one of the easiest projects I have done. Even easier if you choose one colour and skip the dry brushing. You have a family of 6, right? Do you know what word you would use? SAVIOR is an option (if you are willing to use the American spelling), or CHRIST, or FAMILY… so many ways to personalize it!


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