The tools in my 2014 kit

2014 was ushered into our home about 2 hours shy of the midnight moment. We tucked the Tiny Trio into bed about 9:30pm and whispered goodnight. We woke on January first to Facebook updating us on many promises made as the clock struck twelve.

People all around the world promised to make changes. They declared they would lose weight, redecorate, or finally de-clutter. These aspirations are great, but they didn’t capture my hopes for the upcoming year.

In 2014 and I want to draw closer to God. I paraphrase Beth Moore to express my deepest desires.

I want more than a discipline for God’s Word. I want to hunger and thirst for Him more than anything else. I want His Word to come alive afresh, and to ruin me for all other loves except God.


Here are some tools that I use to aid me in this quest.

  • Bible memory tool: Scripture Typer
  • Bible reading plans and online bibles: Bible Gateway
  • Daily inspirational reading and a tab to many free printable helps by Ann VosKamp: A Holy Experience
  • Jesus Calling: an App of short thought-provoking words of reassurance, comfort, and hope by Sarah Young.

Maybe this year, one of the tools in my kit can aid you in drawing closer to your Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer, and Lord. To Him be all glory and power.

One thought on “The tools in my 2014 kit

  1. says:

    Thanks Stacey! I, too, long for a deeper thirst and hunger for God, the Creator of the universe, who breathed life into every human being. My goal is to want nothing more and nothing less than God wants for me. I trust Him fully.
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