And May It Begin In Me

Precious and Most Holy God, who knows the beginning and the end, not one created person is worthy to stand before you. You know all that was and will ever be. You knew each one of us before the foundation of the world. You even know our children and their children before one day is lived.

Words cannot capture Your majesty.

It is with great anticipation your bride awaits the coming of her Groom. While our lamps are burning we pray for Your will to be done.


You are the giver –providing everything needed. You are the forgiver – absolving the horrendous sins of our hearts, hands and minds through the innocent blood of Your Son.

We are freely forgiven. Now pour out your grace enabling us to forgive and to love others the way that you love us. Without You, it cannot be done.

Begin in each one of us a faith that will become a heritage of great value to our children. Circumcise each heart. Make it new, make it clean.

Begin in me.

*From the archives 

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