She blinked on a Monday

She blinked.

A fluttering half-second when she inhaled the temporary and exhaled eternity. Ushered away from the presence of those she could never imagine leaving and into the presence of the only One who never leaves. And she finally lives, like she has never lived before. 

She is home.

Oh, to lift a corner of the veil and witness her triumphant welcome into eternity! The indescribable love, laughter and joy as mortality puts on immortality.

And we blink.

Blink back tears, grief, a longing for what this world cannot provide.

Pain, although sharp and deep, is a sweet reminder that the earth is not our home. One day, if we trust in Jesus, we will open our eyes in the place where victory swallows death and the sting of the grave is no more.

And those who have gone before will usher us in. We will meet our Saviour and we will know.

We. Are. Home.

5 thoughts on “She blinked on a Monday

  1. jess says:

    And what a comfort to those who know this to be true. We do not grieve as those who have no hope. When we are not sure where our loved one spends eternity the grief is so different and so deep. I will miss Ruth. I will miss her smile and her kind heart. She always took time to talk to me and laugh. Oh what glorious things she must be seeing!!!!


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