The Hard Way

The-Easy-Road-and-the-Hard-RoadSometimes the road is hard and requires believers to set aside their rights and their desire to be proven right, to ensure that God’s name is glorified. It’s something our daughter has done in the past—more than once, and I sit here amazed at all our nine-year-old has taught me.

Kaitlyn has taught me that things don’t always unfold the way you plan. Sometimes others win, and life isn’t all about me. She has also taught me about sacrifice. About looking outward rather than inward, focusing on others and their needs instead of her own.

Her message echoes the message God whispers to me. He calls me to pour myself out and minister to others by His strength and for His glory. Right now, that might mean going above and beyond my responsibilities to serve someone else. Maybe someone who wronged me. It might mean allowing someone to take advantage of my generosity because it serves a greater good. It might be as simple as keeping my mouth shut and letting it go.

Whatever it is.

As I struggle to do that, I remember Kaitlyn, and her simple belief that God will complete what He starts. And then something wonderful happens. The hard way becomes beautiful.

One thought on “The Hard Way

  1. says:

    Thank you for humbly allowing God to use you in my life and so many others.
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