$25 dollar kitchen backsplash

We recently moved into a home in need of some serious TLC, and that makes this woman’s heart beat a little faster. Makeover Monday’s has LOADS of new material just waiting to be completed and uploaded. (It might also be waiting for the budget to finance the projects and the schedule to free up the time to complete them, but that’s another story.)

This is the first post of many devoted to our new kitchen. The cost of this project was a quart of paint, a sponge roller and sandpaper.


This tile backsplash was painted by the previous owners. It looks decent in photographs, but in person, it is clear it needs help.

The paint has a flat finish that makes it difficult to scrub the tile clean. Plus, most tiles have only one coat of colour and visible brush strokes.

I sanded and primed the tiles with a primer that has real bite. Then, I sanded again.


We plan to paint the cabinets, the counter top and the ceiling and walls, so please ignore them when they sneak into the picture. Our new kitchen will be a combination of shades of neutral and we have chosen a high gloss white paint for the backsplash. Here is the backsplash after one coat:


And after 3 coats:


The white tile is very bright against the black cabinetry and dark counter. But, it will look great with the lighter, newer kitchen. All in good time…. Plus, it scrubs up well. I splashed cream of broccoli soup up the wall today and it wiped off easy-peasy.

Next up, the counter top! I will let this cure for a few weeks before starting the counter since I’ll have to tape off the tile to protect it from the spray.

8 thoughts on “$25 dollar kitchen backsplash

    • staceyweeks says:

      I’m happy to meet a fellow paint lover! I’ve also painted shoes (there is a post about it on here) and upholstery (also on here as painted footstools). Those were a bit scary, but successful.


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