In-between Heartbeats

It happens so fast. One second everything is fine. The next, everything is wrong. In the space of a single heartbeat I am far from where I want to be.

Voice raised. Temper flared. Blood roars.

Feelings hurt. Misunderstood. Friendships rent.

Selfish heart. Burdened mind. Weary soul.

God whispers between the rhythmic throbbing in my chest.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Oh, my stubborn sin. There is no excuse that makes escaped words acceptable. No amount of tears can take back what is done in haste. Yet, God remains. In-between each heartbeat. Whispering softer words.

Beloved, my Son died for this sin. Accept His sacrifice. I am not surprised by this sin. Acknowledge your need for a Saviour. I love you, and if you repent, I will see you through the lens of My Son. Forgiven. Clean. Redeemed.

And my heart beats faster.

Truth, in all His glory, confronts the depths of my failures and loves me anyway. In the space of a single heartbeat God draws me close. Like a parent comforting a child. My ear presses against His chest and listens as his heart beats for me.

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