Custom curtain rod

We have patio doors off of our family room that need curtains. I dug around my bin of leftover miscellaneous items and came out with this pile of goodies.


Two curtain hooks in white, one support bracket in a wood finish, two end pieces, and one dowel screw (not shown). I purchased the wooden dowels for $8 each.

I measured the length of my desired rod and cut both wooden dowels 1/2 of that length (I was unable to find one wooden dowel long enough).

I screwed the end pieces onto each dowel.


I used my dowel screw to join the two pieces creating one long rod joined in the middle. The support bracket covers the seam and ensures the rod sits level.

This is a dowel screw:


After 3 coats of black spray paint, I measured twice, drilled once, and installed the hardware on the wall. (Ignore the wall colour and the drywall compound on the wall. We are still in the process of choosing our new, lighter, wall colour.)


I scored these funky curtains on Kijiji for $20. This brought the total window covering project in under $40. Not too bad for this woman decorating on a budget.


The best part? I have fewer items in the “leftover” drawer, and once I hem the curtains to the proper length I will have enough fabric to recover a couch cushion.


5 thoughts on “Custom curtain rod

  1. Gord and Jennifer Petersen says:

    Stacey That is amazing! I love repurposing and reusing. Well done and the lamps were great too!

    Sent from my iPad



    • staceyweeks says:

      Thanks Jennifer. The kids like having lamps in their room again. The fun thing about moving is you end up repurposing everything! Each house is so unique that it’s rare for things to just “fit” in a new space without some alterations.


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