From Couch Table to Kitchen Island

This piece of furniture has been used for multiple purposes. It started as a salon station back when I operated my hair salon. Then, it became the couch table (we ignored the slightly burned top caused by unsupervised hot rollers). Now, it is changing again and becoming the kitchen island.

I knew it would make a great island base. Especially since I am WAY TOO CHEAP to go out and pay hundreds of dollars on a new island. So, I headed to Home Depot to gather supplies.



After I added up the bill ($90), I was still too cheap so back I went. I returned the Bar and Table finish, the laminate edging, and the pine. I kept the paint, the fake walnut shelf, and the brackets ($30). That’s more my style.

First I measured where the shelves would go, drill and screwed in the brackets, and ensured they sat level.



Next I hunted down a countertop and found one at ReStore for $40. I attached the countertop.




I used this paint:


To touch up the raw edges on the shelves. I added baskets (that I already had) and gained a kitchen island for a total of $70. Not too shabby.



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