Bathroom Chandelier

This chandelier owes me nothing. (It came with shades, but they broke a long time ago.)



I purchased it years ago on clearance for $15. We used it at our back door until we found this beauty at Restore for $15. We swapped them out.


Now, we are in a new home, in a new city. The beautiful light from Restore is in our old home and I’m back where I started, wondering where to put my cheap chandelier.

Fortunately, we have a 2-piece bathroom in need of a pick-me-up.

I hate how the electrical box in our powder room is not centred above our sink. The cost of moving it is too expensive and too bothersome to attempt, so we needed for an easier, cheaper way. After many Pinterest visits, I determined a chandelier hung in the centre of the room, swagged over from the box was the right answer.

Armed with simple supplies of a can of white spray paint (not shown), a ceiling hook, white chain, and plastic covers to slip over the stem holding the bulbs, I began the transform my cheap chandelier.



First, I removed the metal shade supports and taped off the electrical components. I and hung the light in the basement and spray painted it white. It needed three coats of paint.

Next, I replaced the shade-supports with the white plastic covers. Then, I measured the length and width of the room to determine the exact centre and I twisted in the ceiling hook. I threaded the electoral wires through the white chain and connected the wires.

Pretty easy, and pretty inexpensive. This project came in under $10 because I already had some of the supplies in my “leftover” drawer.

Gotta love that leftover drawer!




2 thoughts on “Bathroom Chandelier

  1. Jane Hart. says:

    I did this with my chandeliers ,one I picked out of garbage . Yours looks great. Only problem is I am sure my lungs are white from the spray paint until I figured out I needed to wear I mask.:( love your posts fun and encouraging. Next is look for an old green hose to use as a wreath he he he




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