Mason Jar Candles

Our bathroom wall had a bare spot the definitely needed something. I didn’t want to add another picture, or anything that competed too much against the mirror. After searching Pinterest, I discovered the art of repurposing mason jars. I had lots of available mason jars making this project the perfect price. FREE.



I needed 2 hooks, some string, and two jars. (Although I did switch the jars out for slightly smaller ones. Theses ones looked too chunky on the wall.)

First I cut 2 groups of 9 pieces of string, 8 the length I wanted the jars to hang and 1 longer to allow for tying the knot. I divided them into 3 groups of 3.


After braiding the strings, I knotted the ends trimmed the 8 short strings, but kept the longest string to tie it around the mason jar ring.



Once the string was attached to the ring, I screwed the ring over the lips of the mason jar, filled the jar with kitty litter (much cheaper than stones and a very pretty white, and sunk a tea light into the jar.

I had the wooden letters in my leftover drawer (yippie!) and I sprayed them black.


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