The Everyday Surrender

She blooms against the wall, wishing that once, just once, someone would notice.

He faces the same disappointment, the same challenges, the same disillusionment. Daily.

She burnt dinner. Again.

He forgot. Again.

Ignored. Cheated. Frustrated.

Life wasn’t supposed to be this way.

Or was it?

Character isn’t formed solely on the mountaintop or in the valley – as valuable as those times may be. Character is also formed in moments of normalcy and routine. When no one is looking. Where the battle rages beneath the surface, in-between each heartbeat.

Will I set aside what I want, what I crave, what I planned, and yield to God? Even when it’s hard? Very hard?

It feels unfair when a loved one hurts or disappointments me. When disobedient children force a change in plans. It is unfair when people break their word, or cheat to win. But I suspect that God is less interested in making life fair and more interested in how I respond to the imposition.

Do I love my enemy the way Christ loved me while I was his enemy?

Do I walk with integrity? Do I keep my word, even when no one is looking?

Do I forgive the undeserved?

Every moment, every day, every action, and every thought must be taken captive and made obedient to Christ. 

I must surrender.


Even the hard things that no one else can see, that come in-between each heartbeat.



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