Resurrection Garden Pot

This project started back in early April as our family prepared for Easter. Every year we make a resurrection garden and in early April the kids and I began making plans for this year’s garden.

But then we found a HUGE pot in the backyard. (I can’t even begin to list how many things we found in the backyard of our new house! Every inch of melted snow unveiled a new treasure.)

So instead of our usual garden, (which only lasted a few weeks inside the house), we decided to make a larger one in this pot that could sit at our front door and proclaim the resurrection of Christ all summer long.

First, we pulled the remains of last year’s plants from the soil.


Then, we went for a walk, found two branches, and used string to make a cross.


This is what the pot looked like over Easter. It was far too cold outside to plant anything.


But now that Spring is here to stay, we can decorate our resurrection garden.


2 thoughts on “Resurrection Garden Pot

  1. Mrs. Bond says:

    Thank you for the beautiful Resurrection Garden made by the children. So great to find a site that proclaims the name of our LORD so freely!!! Blessings to all.


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