$35 Kitchen Counter. (Yup, you read that right!)

Our kitchen renovation is slowly moving forward one small stroke of the paint brush at a time.

Our kitchen has three counters. All different colours and little finish. The island countertop is in the best shape, so we decided to leave that counter and paint (yes, paint) the others to match. The main countertop wasn’t terrible. It just didn’t match. We painted the backsplash earlier and plan to paint the cupboards this summer.



I taped off the sink and sanded the counter just enough to rough up the surface. Then, I primed the counter with a primer that has real bite.


This is when I started to freak out. What if this doesn’t work? What have I done? I must be INSANE!

Moving on…

I let the primer dry, then painted the counter with a tan base coat. I used leftover latex paint from painting the upstairs hallway.


Next I wrapped EVERYTHING in plastic. I mean everything!


I used Rust-oleum Accents Stone spray and lightly sprayed the counter. After that coat dried, I sprayed the counter again until I was pleased with the effect.

Once that was dry, I lightly sanded to take off the worst of the texture, then I covered it with Varathane. Many times.



The kids were at their grandparents for the week, Kevin and I were about to go away for a few days, so the timing was perfect to coat, re-coat, and coat some more then leave the house to let it dry really, really well.

When we returned I coated it again with Varathane, and will likely put on a few more coats as time allows.

The multiple coats smoothed out the texture of the stone spray and now our counters are smooth and shiny. Once everything dried, I caulked the countertop edge and around the sink with tan caulking.



I am pretty pleased with the effect. I’ll report on how well they hold up to wear and tear in a few months. My research has said that it can take up to 4 weeks for the paint to fully cure, which means we need to be very careful that we don’t indent the paint. The beautiful thing is, if I do scratch or dent it, I can touch it up with paint.

We are hopeful this cheap facelift will buy us a few more years in this kitchen.

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