Dated brass to modern black

You all know by now that I love fireplace makeovers. You only have to key in the word “fireplace” in the search engine on the right to see many posts on this topic.

Our fireplace has great brick work, but a sad-looking, shiny brass insert.


This was, by far, one of the easiest makeovers EVER. First, I cleaned the soot stained brickwork with oxi-clean and a stiff bristled scrub brush. Next, I cleaned the fireplace insert and taped off everything surrounding it with plastic sheeting and protected the glass doors with newspaper.



I chose a heat-resistant paint, one made especially for fireplaces, bbqs, and ovens.

It took all of 5 minutes to spray the insert. I mean, seriously, the prep work took longer than the makeover!



After the paint dried, I removed the plastic and newspaper. That’s it! A simple, but high impact project.


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