Broken Gazebo Becomes a Garden Trellis

When we purchased our home it came with a gazebo—buried under 2 feet of snow and twisted into a pile of metal and canvas.

I cut away the canvas and was left with this.



I bagged and tossed the shredded canvas. I cut away the metal frame but salvaged the corner supports to use as a trellis in our garden.

We have limited garden space in the backyard, so anything we grow needs to grow up. The old gazebo corners work just fine.


Next weekend we will plant our beans, tomatoes, peppers, and anything else you readers can suggest.

I used one piece of the gazebo frame in the front yard where our clematis will grow, thanks to a kind neighbour who shared a piece of her brilliant blue clematis.


I have one corner piece left. Now to decide where it use it…

2 thoughts on “Broken Gazebo Becomes a Garden Trellis

  1. Alecia says:

    I can’t believe it was left like that…or maybe I can based on your descriptions of other parts of the house. I would try cucumbers too. They can grow up.


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