Choosing to See

In the midst of one of the most overwhelming weeks, I choose to see God’s goodness. I choose thankfulness.

Most of you know, our home is a bit of a fixer upper. And like most projects of this size, we’ve had some unexpected obstacles, the most recent being a war for primary residence between us and the Indian Meal moth.



I’ve hammered out shelving, bleached EVERYTHING, and painted cupboards while Kevin replaces trim and baseboard. You can blame this pesky moth for my delay in posting on the blog. Every bit of extra time is spent fighting the enemy.

But by choice, thankfulness is still there. Bubbling behind the mess. Underneath the exhaustion. Thankfulness to God for His goodness.

This home is a good gift from God. Part of the reason we could afford a home in such a great neighbourhood is directly linked to the condition in which we purchased it. This gift from God came with an expectation of hard work. So please, don’t hear complaints when I share of the trials of life with the pantry moth. I truly am thankful.

Every pound of the hammer creates a sense of accomplishment. Every swipe of the paint brush reflects our taste. Every scrub of bleach kills another moth.

I am thankful for blessings disguised as trials that provide an opportunity to trust God more. I’m thankful for friends who care for our children while we battle the infestation. I’m even thankful for the moth, that provided an opportunity for me to feel such love and concern from my sisters in Christ.

As the renovation dust settles and the new moth traps remain relatively empty, God surprises us with another blessing. He meets a practical need in a tremendous way that reminds me, yet again, that He is my provider.

Thank you God, for all the ways you love me.


2 thoughts on “Choosing to See

  1. Laura Blackman says:

    Stacey, thank you for your beautiful message from our Father. I too have been in a fight this past while against a spiritual moth and can definitely relate. God also showed me the strength that comes from thankfulness and praise. Worry and fear being us down to the same level of the moth. Faith, thankfulness and praise turn our eyes onto Jesus. Our Great Peace, our Deliverer, our Everything! Thanks again my friend.


    • staceyweeks says:

      Thanks for posting Laura. All week, as we battled this moth (and sadly continue to do so), I have been overwhelmed by the spiritual connections. It’s a real blessing to be able to choose thankfulness over self-pity, and I continually thank my Father for re-directing my eyes to Him when I start to sink into myself.


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