New(ish) Kitchen

I am so excited about this post. So excited, that I’m posting before the project is completely finished. It is finished just enough to share.

Our dark kitchen has needed the light for a long time. From a distance, if you squint your eyes a little, it doesn’t look too bad in the before picture. But trust me, in real life, it needs a makeover.


Click here to view the backsplash makeover.

Click here to view the countertop makeover.

Click here to view the kitchen island.

We caulked every seam, removed the hardware, filled the holes, sanded, and primed.



We painted – and painted – and painted some more. These cabinets were the black hole of projects, sucking up paint like crazy. We couldn’t just paint the outside. The inner cabinet was just as dingy.




Finally, we installed the hardware in a new, lower location and replaced the hinges (most were covered in black paint anyway).



Of course, I will post complete pictures when the entire kitchen is finished, but I just couldn’t wait.  We have another bank of uppers and all the lowers to complete, but we are getting there one stroke of the brush at a time.

4 thoughts on “New(ish) Kitchen

  1. says:

    It really does look amazing!
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  2. Gord and Jennifer Petersen says:

    What a difference!! The cupboards have some great detail and are so clean and sparkling! Well done! I love your excitement! Your hard work is paying off! Press on 🙂 Jennifer

    Sent from my iPad



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