Cheater Baseboards

Sandra has accomplished something great on a tiny budget. She has increased the baseboard height in her home for the price of a chair rail.

Here are the standard, average, nothing fancy baseboard trimming each room.



Sandra purchased a simple chair rail and using a nail gun, she nailed the chair rail to the wall a few inches higher than the existing baseboard. It is important to use a level to ensure the chair rail goes on straight.

Then, she painted the existing baseboard, the empty wall space between the baseboard and the chair rail, and the chair rail all one clean white. The result? The look of big expensive trim for a fraction of the cost.


WARNING: Your eyes will be drawn to the beautiful oatmeal chair, but the baseboard is the focus of today’s post. A keen eye will also take note of the change in wall colour.

Thanks Sandra for a great, cost-saving idea!

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