How great is your God?

Yesterday, as I read through Job 38, I was struck by the beauty of God’s words paraphrased below:

Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth, when I determined its measurements, stretched the line upon it, when I laid the cornerstone and the morning stars sang together?

I shut in the sea when it burst from the womb. I prescribed limits, and said it could come only so far and the proud waves stayed.

I command the morning, I cause the dawn to know its place that it might take hold of the skirts of the earth.

Today, those words rushed back as I sang along to the song, “How great are you, God?” by Robin Mark (CD: Revival in Belfast). As I contemplated God’s greatness, another collection of words came rushing back.

Glorious and constant, merciful and holy, gracious, oh so gracious, magnificent One.
Prevailing and loving, enduring and sacred, faithful, oh so faithful, undeniable One.
Capable and lovely, intimate and willing, righteous, oh so righteous, compassionate One.

You are true. You are good. You are just. You are right. You are grace. You are pure. You are life. You are light.

Marvelous and complex, generous and jealous, patient, oh so patient, immeasurable One.
Infinite and awesome, deliberate and truthful, worthy, oh so worthy, victorious One.
Sustaining and lavish, abiding and living, saving, oh so saving, irresistible One.

You are vast. You are judge. You are King. You are kind. You are peace. You are life and you’re HERE, friend of mine.

Today, I am in fresh awe of my God. I’m in awe that He is so great, so huge, and so powerful, yet He takes the time to know me, to listen to me, to answer me, and to love me.

Thank you, God.

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