Amazing Grace

A neonatal nurse once told me that singing Amazing Grace to fussy premature infants would calm them. She didn’t know why.

I do.

There is power in proclaiming God’s truth.

One day, day nine years ago, I first rocked our fussy, premature Kaitlyn and sang the old words, burning them into my heart.

My very wretchedness makes His undeserved grace oh, so sweet.

My wretched selfish nature.

My wretched mind that is prone to wonder.

My wretched divided heart.

Because of grace, I am no longer lost in, or blind to these sins. Because of grace, I am found, and know my place before my holy Maker.

His grace replaces my fear-filled heart with a reverent heart. May I never lose sight of how precious this amazing grace is.

Grace that broke the chains of my sin and shackled them upon Himself. Grace that traded His freedom for mine. Grace that changes everything, everyday.

Amazing, indeed.




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