2.5 Years of Makeovers

I’ve been recently asked why I post to Makeover Monday. That question set today’s post back a few hours because I have started and stopped and thought and prayed about my response. It’s been 2.5 years since I first posted to Makeover Monday. That’s over 125 makeover projects.

Woman have an incredible ability to set the tone in the family home. And whatever our net worth, whatever our disposable income, and in whatever size and style of home we dwell, we can make it a lovely place for our family. Most of that atmosphere is accomplished through our attitude and voice. A woman content with what she has is a far more desirable mate than a woman unsatisfied.

The goal of Makeover Monday was, and still is, to provide a place to share ideas and tips on how to use what we have (or can find really cheap) to create a home that reflects our heart. For example, I want my home to reflect a heart that loves making others feel welcome, comfortable, secure, and loved, while staying within the parameters of a single-income family budget. I don’t have an extra thirty grand in the bank to copy the latest Style At Home renovation, but I have thrifty and resourceful girlfriends who are happy to share their ideas and experience to aid me in my desire to beautify our home on a responsible budget.

I really hope that as you scroll through the posts and photographs you are encouraged to use your imagination and see the things you already own through creative eyes. If you live in a home and have food in the fridge, God has already blessed you tremendously. Contentment is not found in obtaining more – it’s found in the Lord.

If you find yourself stuck on a project, have a before picture and need help imagining the after, or have a question, send me a picture or message through the contact page and I’ll post your question. Maybe this creative community can spark a creative solution.

Thanks for 2.5 years of encouraging comments and submissions!


One thought on “2.5 Years of Makeovers

  1. Alecia says:

    I believe God has created creativity, just some of us get more of it than others 🙂 But he has given us our homes, why not make them beautiful places that you and your kids and your friends and strangers wan to be in?! I love your makeover Monday posts and that we get to share cheap ways to make our homes beautiful AND welcoming. I was even able to save money by painting my countertop like you did, instead of replacing it!


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