Darker Still


Every so often it catches me by surprise leaving me gasping in agonizing grief. Cut down at the knees. Desperate for Light. I turn the news clip off, as if blocking the horrific images will change the truth. Will stop them from burning onto my soul.

Dark Iraqi images.

Sobs wrack my body and I lock the bedroom door. I don’t want my daughter to question my tears. I don’t want to tell her about the rifle barrel pressed against a toddler’s tender forehead. I don’t want to tell her about the school children ruthlessly beheaded, and how the security and safety we enjoy in Canada might one day be stripped away like the dignity of those innocent babies. I don’t want to discuss the odds of this evil tidal wave washing up on our shore.

My whole being aches for peace. Aches for what this world cannot provide. Will never provide. Was never intended to provide.

How dark will it become before Your return, O Lord?

A similar shroud fell over Bethlehem during King Herod’s reign. Babies ripped from their mothers arms. Executed. The Holocaust painted Europe black in WW2 with the blood of the Jews. Darkness deepening blacker still, Satan twisting the dimmer until light is no more.

But one Light cannot be extinguished. One Holy Light, who descended into our dark world and opened our eyes. Oh, how I want to be bathed in that Light, but I cannot enter in without counting the cost.

We must count the cost.

Hell is raining down a mere ocean away and these piercing notes will build to a crescendo coming for all mankind. Are you ready chose your God over your life (Matt 24:4-14)?

These birth pangs will give way to unprecedented evil, eventually bringing forth a new age. They will sift the wheat from the chaff, and will bring the redeemed into the Kingdom of God. The kingdom of Light.

Are you in the Light?

Come, Lord Jesus, Come.

Come quickly.



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