The hijacked kitchen and bathroom

Ellie’s kitchen and bathroom had great bones, however the oak doors were worn and a bit dated for her taste.

We removed the hardware and doors, careful to label on the back of them which door belonged where. Then, I carted them home for a light sanding with my palm sander, primer (a must!), and paint.

I always paint the back of the doors first, that way if the new paint is smudged when the doors are flipped, the smudge is on the backside and easy to touch up. If you look closely, you can see the large holes where the cabinet hardware clips into place. I used a marker to label the door as “U” for upper, “L” for lower, and a number for which door it was moving from right to left.

This is what my garage looked like for a couple of days:


Before and after:

IMG_20140821_091624E - bathroom after






E- Kitchen after

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