Family Rules

April 2013, I asked my readers for suggestions on what to do with these:

window before

This is what I did:

I trolled Pinterest for “family rules” ideas and typed the phrases in a word document using various fonts and sizes. Then, I “flipped” each page before printing. (See the text box at the bottom of the page for instructions on how to flip each page before printing on a MAC.)

I played around with the arrangement of the words until I found a satisfying layout. Then I taped the papers PRINT SIDE DOWN to the front of the glass and flipped the window over.


Using black paint, I traced the lettering ON THE BACK OF THE GLASS. By painting on the back of the window, I am able to clean the front without fear of scraping off the words. It also hides brush strokes and gives a much smoother finish. This is after one coat.


Our rules: Ask first. Share everything… except bad ideas. Love Jesus. Be grateful, considerate, respectful. Dance crazy. Sing silly. Be a giver. Speak with gentleness. Have fun. No fussing, no whining, no bad attitudes. Say what you’re sorry for. Forgive. Never stay angry.



If you visit the link to that original post asking for help, you see two other projects. Here is the after photo of the two white tin pieces. All I did was slightly sand them for an antique look and hung them over our bed. It is not worthy of a full post, but it’s nice to update everyone who offered suggestions. The blue stool in the picture is at our front door, and the half table is in our daughter’s bedroom. Project #3 is still waiting to be accomplished.


How to flip a document on a MAC ~

Open the .pdf document you wish to “flip.”

From the menu bar select File->Export

In the Format drop down menu select JPEG

Save the file

If you now open that file you will be able to flip both horizontally and vertically under the tools tab

6 thoughts on “Family Rules

  1. ian buist says:

    Good rules! In the same vein, there is a line in the song “Be nobody’s Darlin’ but mine” that reads: Be Honest. be Faithful, be Kind” I love it! Ian


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