Such a time as this

Sometimes I wistfully daydream of eras gone by and wonder what life might have been like before computers, television, vehicles, and gadgets. Sometimes, I even wish I could go back to Christ’s days and witness life as He knew it and live in that simplicity.

But God did not plan my days back then. He planned my life today – in this time, in this culture, in this world as it currently stands. All my romanticized dreams about the good-ol’-days will not change that God has a purpose for me here and now. And he has a purpose for you.

Like God planned Esther, He has planned for me and you to live in this specific stretch of time. This is the generation to whom God has called us to speak. This is the culture that we are called to impact. This is the life that He has given us, and we must use it to glorify Him.

We were created to speak truth in such a time as this. 

Our religious freedoms are slowly being stripped away. But, we must adopt the attitude of Esther. Boldly follow where God leads. Speak the truth in love. And if we perish, we perish.

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