The Dining Room

We’ve had this table for a while. It has been a craft table, sewing table, and a dining room table. It has been scratched, peeled, marked, and stained. It has served us well.

Table 001

We purchased it from a friend for $100. It pulls apart, but there was no leaf. We hired another friend to build us two leaves that would extend the table from 58 inches long, to 72 inches, to 86 inches long.

We picked up the chairs from a hotel sale. They were $25 each and all covered with different fabric.


We had a beautiful buffet in a different finish.

buffet and chair 001

And recently moved into a new home with floors in a different finish. Our dining room was an overwhelming collection of mismatched wood stains.

Since the table was the most damaged, we decided to tackle it.I repaired (as best I could) the peeled veneer. Translation: I glued the peeled off pieces back on and sanded it smooth. I lightly sanded down the top, the leaves, and the chair frames.




Next, I used a very dry, stiff brush and lightly brushed a black paint over the surface of everything.



Once that dried, I protected the surface with multiple clear top coats.


The recovered seat cushions have a black pattern and pull the set together nicely.


I love that this mismatched purchase now looks like it belongs together. And the best part—I had everything on hand and didn’t have to buy a thing.


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