Pumpkin Planter~a fall favourite

This arrangement is very easy, inexpensive, and rewarding. Most of the supplies were growing in my backyard: Cedar branches, two kinds of tall grass tops, and Sedum.

I found cattails in a nearby ditch and purchased the pumpkin at the store.




 Cut the top off the pumpkin and fill it with a few scoops of dirt. My florist cousin has since told me that if you put a planter inside the pumpkin first, the arrangement will last longer.

I stuck one cedar branch in the middle and filled the edges with the rest trying my best to balance the overall look.

I added the tall grass to fill in the holes.

Added the cattails

And lastly, I added the Sedum

The next day I repeated the steps to make this larger version for my step.

Another fall favourite  – Instead of carving pumpkins, glue on felt features. No mess – very cute!

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Planter~a fall favourite

  1. Rachel says:

    Also, if you let a bit of bleach and water sit in the pumpkin for a few hours before you fill it, it will help it last longer. It won’t go moldy so quickly. I did an indoor arrangement last fall and it worked well.


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