Thanksgiving decor

I’m trying to use up all those items I have stored in the garage. You know, the things I picked up at yard sales or curb side that are projects waiting to happen.

This door has been in our garage for 5 years. Yup, 5 years.  It’s moved with us twice and still never made it into the house.


I’m ashamed to admit that it took me so long to use it, especially since the project only took a couple of hours (dry time included!). I am married to a very patient man.

I painted the cabinet door Froth white (the same colour as our kitchen cabinets).


As you can see, I didn’t cover it super well. I like the streaky-with-a-bit-of-wood-showing-through kind of painting. Next, I traced my lettering onto the door. I printed my letters in a scripted font from the computer, cut them out, then traced them. But, if you own a stencil, that would be so much easier.


Then, I painted the letters black using a thin brush.


At this point, I walked away disappointed. I didn’t care for the stark black and white contrast. My friend, Erin, saved the project. She suggested I dry brush some grey over top to soften the entire door. I mixed a bit of my white and black paint, used a stiff brush and dabbed most of the colour off onto a paper towel. I dragged the brush across the door with very light strokes.


I love the end result. And, once again, I had all the supplies on hand and didn’t have to purchase a thing.


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