Inescapable God

You know me. You know my deeds, my thoughts, and the deepest longing of my soul. You know it well. Before a word leaves my tongue, before a thought fully forms, before a step is complete—You know.

And You love me anyway.

You are behind. You are ahead. You are right now. You are here, in the deep aching despair. You are here, in the joyous celebration. My gut wrenching cries and my songs of praise rise to You—a fragrant offering of dependence.

You scatter darkness. The night is as bright as the day because You are Light. You hold me. Your right hand guides me. When evil presses in, You lift my head and fix my gaze upon You. My whole being trembles and I fall down and worship.

You are inescapable. You never let go. You are God.


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