Old Resolutions

Sometimes the best new resolution is an old one. The same one that God has whispered into my heart from the very first day that I surrendered my life to Him.

Make everything about God. Know Him better. Love Him more. Completely trust Him. Prioritize Him above all else.

Here are some other great resolutions for 2015 graciously shared by godly woman who I admire:

That God would awaken my soul morning by morning to meet with Him. That I would hunger and thirst for more of Him and less of me. That I would live a more obedient and humble heart before Him. That I would graciously follow His plans for my day-to-day and trust His ways far above mine. I thank God for my husband who gives of himself endlessly to love and care for our family. I thank God for my kids who are teaching me so much these days. And I thank God for old and new friendships who keep me pointed to our Saviour.

Seek God’s will for us to live out the great commission with intention. Practise daily gratitude and be faithful to what he has called me to do THIS day. Take better care of the body God has entrusted to me. Pray more with my husband. Find a Titus 2 woman to mentor me…really the list is endless.

Watch my words. Make them kinder, more loving, more gracious. Pray that the words I speak and the meditations of my heart will be acceptable in my Saviour’s sight. Be thankful for every day of life the Lord grants me, and in the spirit of thankfulness enjoy what each day brings (Psalm 19:14, Psalm 90:12).

If you have made a God honouring resolution, leave it in the comment section to encourage others.


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