Heart Wars

Oh, my precious child, it is hard, so very hard to watch you struggle against the enemy who battles for your affections. I see the way you do what you wish you didn’t and can’t seem to do what you wish you could. I see how much you long for love—but how you push back against the one who loves you. You dare love to give up, choosing the most cutting words, lashing out in frustration.

But love never fails. It never gives up. It pursues. It waits. It demands everything from you and everything from me.

I am praying for a heart of flesh, for blind eyes to see, for this brokenness to result in full surrender, for God to make you whole again. I’m praying for you. Faithfully. Without end. Praying against your desire to push away the hard instead of working though it. I’m praying you will see your sin in contrast to God’s holiness and at your young and tender age you will choose repentance.

As this battles rages, I will do for you the only and best thing I can. Pray. Through prayer I enter into the battle and fight with you, for you. Lifting you before our Father who loves you even more than I do. Motherhood is more than caring, providing and loving. It is interceding. Faithfully interceding. Always.

My precious child, Seek wisdom which begins with a fear of the Lord.  Seek insight which comes from knowledge of the Holy One. Seek Love.


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