What kind of woman are you?

She hates knowledge, despises correction, and refuses God. She reaps disastrous consequences and is easily deceived by others and herself. She mocks the righteous, chasing unobtainable goals. With no interest in understanding, she loudly expresses her lofty opinion. She is emotionally driven, giving full vent to her spirit. None who go to her come back. Her smooth words seat guests in the depths of Sheol.

She is Foolishness.

Wisdom offers love, promises that she can be found, and that she will satisfy. She dwells with prudence, is discreet, insightful, strong, and worth far more than jewels. All that you desire cannot compare with her. She speaks noble and right truths. If you receive her words, if you call out for insight, if you seek her, you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God. She has lifted her veil and revealed the Lord gives wisdom.

Both women are loud, calling from high. Both lobby for our attention. One leads to sorrow the other to life.

To whom do you listen?

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