The Praise Jar


It started in a small group at church. Collecting answers. Gathering reminders. An annual tradition of pouring it empty, giving words to faith, remembering to believe.

Slips of plain paper etched with plain truth. God’s answers are everywhere.

  1. In the obedient child.
  2. The pretty basement.
  3. Food in the belly.

It is a discipline to train my eyes to see His answers. To look for extra in the ordinary. To open my heart and pour out praise everyday.

  1. for surrendered hearts.
  2. for changed behavior.
  3. for ears that listen.

One a day for one year. It is not too much. One acknowledgement of His goodness, His mercy, His unchanging dependability. Training the eye to see. Choosing to remember. Believing He hears and He answers.

  1. through discipline.
  2. exposing sin.
  3. convicting souls.

It sits on the windowsill holding truth. Collecting praises waiting to be poured out. Reminders that my God is good. Always good.

365 praises. My pile of stones that give witness to God’s action. A beacon shining from known past into an unknown future. A reminder that I’ve been here before. Waiting. Praying. Listening.

 Lord, give me ears that hear, eyes that see, a heart full of praise.

  1. I praise you for leading our Elders to no and providing the clarity we sought.
  2. For two vehicles when we had none.
  3. For shelter that provides more than just shelter.
  4. For both publication and
  5. rejection.
  6. For more than enough
  7. For sustaining us.
  8. Employment
  9. For an unexpected bonus
  10. For rest
  11. For difficulty that changes me

This is more than a pile of paper in a jar, more than a pile of rocks by a river. It is a reference point, a story for the next generation. This is where I met God, where His powerful hand provided. It is a waiting story. A story waiting to be poured out so others may also know and believe.

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