What Happened to Makeover Monday?

So, some of you are asking about Monday Makeovers. What happened? Are they gone for good?

Well, a lot has happened.

Most of January and February has been spent pounding out my creative energy at the computer. I have plotted my entire second novel and I’m 13 chapters from the end. It’s been a productive stretch. (BTW, I should hear back from the publisher about my first novel in the next 4 weeks!)

But, even more exciting, is what God has tugged from my heart—a non-fiction manuscript for women in ministry. It has, by far, been the hardest writing project EVER. I’ve shed tears, felt exposed, and wrestled with obedience and surrender. I have no idea if the purpose is bigger than just working out on paper what God has been whispering in my heart, and I’m trying hard not to think about it. I’m honestly not sure if I’m finished, mid-way, or hardly started. But as God prompts, I’m writing, and leaving the rest to Him.

So, Makeover Monday will return… one day. Until then, God is making over my heart and I would appreciate your prayers. It is my desire to proclaim God’s truth in a way that brings Him great glory. It’s challenging to tell my story without making it about me, but really, it’s not about me, it’s all about Him.

So thanks for understanding, and keep tuning in to read Thursday’s devotionals. Your comments, shares, and FB posts encourage me in amazing ways.

You are loved,


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