The Pin Prick

Smack in the middle of a Sunday sermon the Holy Spirit pricked my heart exposing sin. It didn’t seem right to stop listening to the message, so I made a mental note to return to this issue—then forgot.

Four days later, I remember. I remember like the person who ties a string around their finger hopeful the sight will trigger a memory – but they cannot recall the details. Likewise, I remembered the conviction. I remembered the temptation to forgo the message to search my heart. But, I couldn’t recall the details.

I prayed for God to work again. In His loving kindness, He reminds me of my sin—again. He guides me through the painful process of self-examination, exposing my wretchedness afresh, and washing me clean. I plan for future pin pricks and tuck a notebook into my bible bag.

How many times, Lord? How many times have I allowed busyness and clutter and exhaustion and hobbies to crowd out Your quiet voice? How many times have I failed to remember? How many changes, blessings, or growth opportunities have I missed?

I stretch out my hands to you, God. My soul thirsts for you like a parched land. Hear my prayer, O Lord, and in Your faithfulness please answer me. Expose what is hidden. Bring it all into Your light. Give me eyes that see, and ears that hear, and a heart that longs to please You.

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