Makeover Monday paints carpet!

Yup, you read that right. I painted my carpet. I’ve been talking about trying this for years. Renovating our main living space and temporarily living on subfloor provided the perfect opportunity. I didn’t have to worry about ruining the floor if I moved quickly. I hauled the rugs out the garage, where they had been stored for the last year. IMG_20150405_202926 The picture doesn’t really show the horribly stained condition of these rugs. Fourteen years ago, they were a light tan colour. Multiple pets, children, and a home daycare transformed them into this putrid shade of filth. I had tried bleaching them, steaming them, and sunning them, still – the stains remained. I didn’t want to spend ANY money, so I took every bit of leftover white latex paint we had kicking around (one was even a subtle shade of pink) and mixed them together. Friends donated their leftovers eager to see the results of my questionable plan. It required a LOT of paint. Nearly 3 gallons per carpet. About half way through, I started to freak out. My heart pounded. Sweat dripped. My breath came fast. It wasn’t a heart attack, despite the symptoms. It was regret. The rug looked, kind of, well – ruined. I prayed that my very tolerant husband would not walk into the room and see this disaster-in-the-making. Committed now, for better or for worse, I finished, trimmed the edge in black paint, went to bed, and hoped for the best. IMG_20150405_212255 IMG_20150405_220729 IMG_20150405_223816Imagine my pleasure when the next morning revealed this: IMG_20150406_095608 IMG_20150406_095632 The paint dried evenly and it doesn’t feel any more stiff than the original carpet fibre. Now, we have two matching rugs in our renovated space that cost nothing but a small mid-project “heart attack”. And if the kids spill again – I can simply re-paint! It scrubs well and vacuums well.IMG_20150521_213246 It’s hard to believe that we once had a wall running right through that couch! The BIG makeover post is coming soon.

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