It’s Personal welcomes Andrea Thom, from Touching Godliness

It is my pleasure to welcome Andrea Thom to It’s Personal. Andrea is a great friend of mine who speaks hard truth with grace. Her blog, Touching Godliness, is a place you can steal some rest and time with the Word and discern how theological Truth can touch your everyday moments and transform you.

Is she a fool whose FEET bring freedom to those stuck in the mire of their own folly?

Is she a fool whose TIME prioritizes the friendless, weeps with the unpopular, and banters with the simple?

Is she a fool whose TALENTS find use in stays so lonely, that no visible gain is rewarded for the effort?

Is she a fool whose HANDS become those that feed the lame, whose LIPS shout the untold story to the blind, whose EMBRACE preaches to souls lying forgotten in broken bodies?

Is she a fool whose EARS are tuned to eternity’s chorus, whose HEART delights in Truth for her pain?

Is she a fool whose MIND is so rich with the words of Christ that it shapes every utterance?

Whose PHYSIQUE is so laced with the integrity of Christ, that it becomes entirely forgettable?

Whose BEHAVIOUR spills out the compassion of Christ, such that little else can describe her?

Is she a fool whose LIFE is so hidden in Christ, that no ambition is too rooted, no ability too revered, no relationship too important, and no hobby too pleasing, to be forfeit for His sake, regardless of the discomfort?

Is she a fool who at the moment of death, delights rather than distresses, at the thought of finally beholding His GLORY?

Indeed, she is not a fool, when on that great and glorious day, He exclaims, “Well done, my GOOD and FAITHFUL daughter! Receive the REWARD and PRAISE you have earned in the city gates!”

For Christ’s CHARACTER has become so deeply embedded into her own, that she has become quite undistinguishable from Christ Himself.

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