The friend who prays

Some weeks are heavy. They reduce the strongest to groans of despair. Without words. Without hope. With only a weight on the heart refusing to lift. So much hurt. So much betrayal. So much sickness. So much sorrow. So much sin.

It’s everywhere. In me. In you. Fighting for control. Struggling against Truth. Dropping us to our knees.

Not in defeat—in prayer.

For me. For you. For the community in which God has placed us. It is the best thing we can do for our loved ones. Be the friend who prays.

“Often when we show up for our friends who are hurting, there’s nothing to say. The burden is too big, the hurt too deep. It’s about presence and prayer. We need friends who will take us to God, and we need to be that kind of friend when others stumble.” James MacDonald.

Be the friend who prays. Not just later – but now. In the moment. When the concern is shared. When the hug is offered. When the prayer is needed. Pray now. Take them to God.

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