Updated light shade

When I inherited my home office, I inherited a dim, dark light fixture. I loved the bones of the fixture, but the tea-stained glass shade cast a very dim light.

IMG_20150523_203535As always, we were decorating on a slender budget, so I hit Value Village looking for inspiration. I found this. (Ignore the wrapping paper).


I removed the glass shade and measured how long I should cut the new drum shade. Then I rolled out the shade and cut it using a fabric blade and cutting board.

Then I trimmed off the folded edge of the unused portion and glued it onto the drum shade giving me two finished edges.



Then I clipped the shade onto the rim frame and used the hardware from the old shade to attach the new one.


This shade cast much more light. I’d like to cover the bottom of the shade so I don’t look up into light bulbs, but I am still undecided how best to proceed. I’d love your suggestions!

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