Love like that

The sing-song lyrics repeat, they will know we are Christian by our love. But what does that kind of love look like in a broken and hurting world?

It’s signing over vehicle ownership. It’s giving up your second car because someone else needs it more. It’s secretly paying the bill and waving your fees.

It’s welcoming refugees.

It’s fixing a fence because you can, and they can’t. It’s making an extra meal and dropping it off just because. It’s texting/emailing/facebooking/speaking a Scripture-breathed prayer to a friend. It’s boldly praying. Now.

It’s cherishing all life

It’s a modern day barn raising for the family whose home is literally falling down around them. It’s putting action to words and deflecting the glory to God, because it’s all for Him.

O Lord, teach us to love like that and they will know we are YOURS.

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