Circumstantial Evidence

Ever have one of those days? You know, the kind where EVERYTHING goes wrong?

Our family of five had arrived at the Chicago Midway airport to return to Canada. We discovered while checking in our luggage that our two sons did not have the proper documentation to internationally fly. They were denied boarding. 

Kevin boarded with our daughter and landed as planned on Toronto Island. In a chivalrous move, he offered for his ride to pick up me and the boys (whenever we managed to sort out our travel details) certain he could rent a car after landing.

The boys and I forfeited our fare (ouch) and purchased three new tickets (triple ouch). We made a new plan to fly within the States and cross the boarder via automobile, the only method our paperwork would support. After a shaky start, the boys and I arrived fine, but disaster after disaster delayed Kevin and Kate.

The return trip to Chicago was just as wonderful (read sarcasm). Kevin and Kate enjoyed smooth sailing and I ran a marathon dragging two boys behind me. I discovered ON MY WAY to the airport that the agent who booked our flights made an error and booked us into Washington, not Illinois. When I switched the flights back it Illinois, it significantly bumped up the departure time. We would only make our flight if the boarder crossing went smooth.

Nope. Not that day.

The short boarder line CRAWLED. They searched our trunk. When we finally crossed, the GPS had estimated our arrival AFTER our flight boarded and gates were closed.

I called the airline and cried a little. (Okay, A LOT. Stress will do that to a woman.) The operator checked me in over the phone and told me to put some “pep in my step” and race through security. Of course security was BACKED-UP.

More tears.

Man, people are nice to a crying lady with two kids! We were ushered to the front of the line, zipped through security, then raced to the last (yes, the very last and farthest gate) to board our plane. All the while, my name is being paged over the sound system. But we made it.

It would be so easy to look back on this day and assume we must have been outside of God’s will. Did God remove His blessing? Did we misunderstand? Do something wrong?

Not necessarily.

Sometimes when you are in the bullseye of God’s will, you face the most opposition. It would have been easier to not return to Canada that weekend. Easier, but not right. We had given our word we would be there, and keeping our word is a big deal to God. We were exactly where God desired us.

So maybe I need to look back over that trip through a different lens? Maybe God’s blessing was in making the flight, despite the delays? Maybe He held back an ocean of grief, but allowed this trickle of difficulty to make me stronger? Maybe, just maybe, being exactly where God wants me is not a guarantee that life will get easier? Because the reality is, following Christ often makes it harder.

Harder, but better.

There is no place I’d rather be than in the bullseye praising Him.

All For His Glory.

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